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Links to whoever & whatever we feel like!!
(its our site and we'll do as we feel!!!!  nananana)

Krush Klamath

Check these guys out!!! There kinda a big deal in the music scene.

Go download their new 5 song demo for free at:



In 2 the red  & Devastated Productions
Reddings & Shasta counties
 #1 local metal resource
The place for fans/bands to go, help each other & watch their local music scene grow!!
We love ya sweetie girl!! You are breathing life, comunication and togetherness into Shasta county's local music scene!!!

Ohm's Law
Operation Milk Snatch
If we forgot your band or messed up your information, sorry please tell us & we'll take care of it ASAP!!

Another great resource for unsigned bands.

Duck Tape. nuff said.

You guys do a great job supporting bands like us.
    Thank you for your support.
The moderatly insane people at
Happy things for happy people.

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