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Macabre News

Feb.24 2006
We have been contacted by Florida based record label "Sexy Killer Records" to be on their upcoming compulation album. We have accepted & are in the middle of doing the paperwork for them. Either "Fix" or "Dreamin' Agian" has been chosen & will be on the cd. More details to come.

Jan. 26 2006
So our lineup has changed it is now:
Andy Keosky-Bass
& Brandon Giller-Drums
We hope to see you at our next gig on
Feb 17th.

September 6 2005
So we're in the middle of moving to a new town, so we're not playing any gigs for another month or two. Sorry everyone :(
But our newest cd "Drowning in the Mainstream" is coming along better than we ever expected!!
It will be well worth the wait we promise!!
Hook up with us on get some different songs for free download!!!

JULY 5 2005
So we just fixed our download page!! Sorry 'bout that. And we added a couple new tracks for you all! Enjoy!
                     Doowyah Erbacam

JUlY 4 2005
Sorry its been awile since the last update, but we've been so busy none of us could even think about ANYTHING!!!
So we just got worldwide publicity due to (thanks whoever posted the news) about us going into Radio Star Studios the end of this month to record our new E.P. with Silvia Massey Shivy behind the board!!! Otherwise we are on a writing break for the new disc, then we'll be hitting the road August in support of "Pusher,Ca" from Southern Oregon to Southern Cali.
We'll be posting more news shortly about everything!!!
             Blessings & Bruises,
                 Haywood Macabre

April 22 2005
We just got our Macabre Erotica buisness cards in!!! About two thousand or so of them!!! WOW!!
They look #&%@ing amazing!! Thanks Rusty!! You rule the school!!
Our new stickers just went out to the printing company (2000 are being made as of now) & we have recently bought our very own t-shirt silk screening machine with all the inks, screens, wipes, etc. etc.
So needless to say we are very busy trying to keep up with all your requests for merchandise & we will have a ton of t-shirts, patches, stickers & new cd's available at all our concerts as of  late May 2005!!!
Thanks for your undying love & support!!!
Because of all of your support, word of mouth promotion & coming out to our concerts we as a creative force try even harder to make you happy!!!
Once agian thank you all!! You light up our dark days and make us very proud to be in this band.

April 21 2005
So on April 20th we in Macabre Erotica went to our own MacaBEERotica (a nice dark Porter) opening & tasting party. This is the best beer that all band members have ever had by a private brewery!!!! Some of us actually like it more than Guiness. So hats off to our extended family (you know who you are, Sugga) for all your love, support & beer making skills!!
We are in talks that we might be going into a larger production of  "MacaBEERotica" for all of you to savor & enjoy.
We will keep you posted!

April 13 2005
Macabre Erotica has a lineup change!
We have already hired a new bass player                        "BOAGRIUS"
from the project  "Black Style"  he will be playing live with us at our upcoming gigs. He is a healthy & gifted addition to the Macabre Family.
All shows are still as scheduled & Boagrius has already learned six M.E. trax & is begging for more (good bass player). Our next gig is on the April 30th at our home away from home, TNT custom guitar shop in Klamath Falls, Or.
please see our shows page for further information. 
               Slay ya later,
                        Macabre Erotica

Macabre Erotica's new bass player... Boagrius Macabre

April 11 2005
Haywood Macabre has offically left the ranks of Reddevildead as lead guitarist to fully dedicate himself to Macabre Erotica & V.B.F.
He wishes no hard feelings & hopes for the best replacement they can find to fill his shoes.
*RDD will not be preforming at upcoming Macabre Erotica shows as they were booked to do.
Sorry to all the RDD fans*

April 9 2005
Macabre Erotica has a lineup change!!!!
Dan Jackson (of Reddevildead) has parted ways with Macabre Erotica due to unforseen circumstances. We wish him the best of luck in his future musical ventures & blessings on his family & RDD.

March 19 2005
As of this moment ALL handicapable persons (amputees in paticular) will be able to get into all Macabre Erotica shows cost free!!! If you are a amputee or are missing a limb/finger/ or any body part you are Haywood's & the bands special guest into any & every show!!!
We have spoken.

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